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on site pressure washing technician power washing the porch of a house

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Revive your home's exterior! On-Site Pressure Washing Services Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas.
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Residential Services

On-Site Pressure Washing, LLC, provides experienced residential power washing to the Baton Rouge and surrounding communities.  We have what it takes to make your home shine again.  With over 25 years of experience pressure washing in Baton Rouge, we know how the environment can affect your home, driveway, roof & deck.

Getting your house power washed can help increase your home’s curb appeal.  We strive to always exceed our customer’s expectations. We utilize a washing technique that cleans your house without any risk of damage. This special house wash will kill mold and expunge dirt leaving your house free from unsightly grime.

On-Site uses low-pressure cleaning to safely clean the exterior of your home, damage-free. The system can be used on all exterior areas of your home.

House Soft Washing
Technician Soft Washing exterior of house with eco friendly products.

On-Site offers affordable low-pressure soft-wash roof cleaning services in Baton Rouge, LA and surrounding areas

Roof Soft Washing
on-site pressure washing cleaner soft wash roof cleaning a house

On-Site pressure washing uses high heat with a pre-soak solution for best results. It will improve the curb appeal of your homes exterior.

Driveway Washing
pressure washing a tiled driveway

On-Site pressure washing uses two different techniques, soft wash or pressure washing with solutions to safely clean your deck and patio.

Deck & Patio Cleaning
Pressure washing a home patio

Residential Services

We Make Your Home Feel New Again!

On-site Pressure Washing recognizes That Every Property Is Unique. With this in mind, we custom-build cleaning packages tailored to your needs. On-Site Pressure Washing, LLC provides experienced residential pressure washing to Baton Rouge and surrounding communities.

We use products that are Smart, Safe, and Effective!  Unlike conventional pressure cleaning, which only uses water to blast the grime off your siding, Soft Washing utilizes specially formulated cleaning agents to clean your home at low pressure.

Pressure washing is the effort of using high pressure to open up pores in hardscape surfaces such as concrete, cast stone, limestone, etc. Using high pressure can aid in removing dirt, algae, & debris from the surfaces.

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