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Baton Rouge Soft Wash Pressure Washing: Remove Mold Safely

Pressure Washing House Driveway

Although we have had a dry summer, the rain is here everyone!! The rainy season with humidity in Louisiana is a perfect combination for mold growth.


Mold left on for too long can eventually embed themselves into the surface of the paint. At that point, Pressure Washing/ sit washing will not remove the black mold easily.


Help Extend the Life of Your Home!


We recommend that you pressure wash your home at least once a year to avoid having to paint it sooner than necessary. On-site pressure Washing serves Baton Rouge, offering soft washing solutions that will gently remove the mold and dirt from your painted surface without harming the surrounding landscape or wood features.


Consult An Exterior Cleaning Company!


On-Site Pressure Washing we have the experience and use the best equipment to give you high-quality services with great results and affordable pricing.


Get started today with a free estimate!


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